Terms and Conditions

Bookings are only accepted on the understanding that you have read and agree to our Conditions of Boarding as follows

Please remember to bring your pet’s up to date vaccination certificate

Pets cannot be accepted without it. (City of York Council Licensing Rules) 

It is the owners responsibility that vaccinations are up to date on admittance, if certification is not, your pet will not be accepted, and your fee is lost

Dogs: All dogs entering Pooches Paradise must produce an up to date, vaccination certificate against distemper, hepatitis (adenovirus) and parvo virus and Leptospirosis  Vaccination (including boosters) must have been completed, at the very least, 2 weeks before the dog’s arrival in order to ensure maximum protection.

A Veterinary Titre Test certificate proving immunity to the above diseases, issued within the last 12 months will also be accepted.

Dogs vaccinated against Bordetella bronchiseptica (Kennel Cough) with INTRAC or NOBIVAC KC. This vaccination must be given at least 3 weeks before the first day of boarding, or your pet will not be admitted

Cats: All cats entering Purrfect Paradise must produce an up to date, yearly vaccination certificate against feline parvovirus (feline infectious enteritis) (FIE)) and against feline respiratory viruses (feline herpes virus and feline calicivirus) Vaccination (including boosters) must have been completed, at the very least, 2 weeks before the cat’s arrival in order to ensure maximum protection.

Homeopathic vaccination is not acceptable as it will not protect against infectious diseases.

Acceptance is confirmed in the diary on receipt of payment in full 30 calendar days prior to boarding at peak periods (School Holidays, Easter, May to October inclusive, December and New Year.)  

Off peak, payment in full is required 15 days prior to Boarding to confirm the booking (see below)

Payment is acceptable by Cash, Debit Card (no fee) or Credit Card (+2% until 1st January 2018) and is usually settled in advance, many people now pay by Bank transfer ( OTR) to:-

Sort Code: 560070 Account Number: 38823713 Reference: Your Pets Name and Your Surname

Amendments to bookings will incur a £10 administration fee for each alteration and is subject to availability. 

Cancellation at PEAK PERIODS requires at least 14 days notice  i.e. School Holidays, Easter, May to October inclusive, December and New Year.

Cancellation giving More than 14 days notice, the balance less £10 admin fee will be held on your account for your next booking.

Payments made will not be refunded, though may be held on file for your next booking ( see above) 

Cancellation giving less than 7 Full Days notice will incur payment in full, any payments made will be forfeit  



EARLY COLLECTION -Should you wish to collect your pet earlier than the pre arranged collection date, please phone to inform us, you will then be welcome to collect your pet (within our normal opening hours), however the full booked period remains payable.

Please be aware of our opening times 

8am to 12 noon Monday to Friday, 9am to 2pm Saturdays. 


Collection out of hours by prior arrangement in exceptional circumstances only subject to a £25 out of hours fee.

On Arrival, please check in at reception with paperwork and pet belongings before unloading your dog

Please ensure food and any medication is clearly listed with your pets name and instructions

Dog bathing and grooming with specialist drying facilities are available here in Pooches Paradise, treat your pet to a lovely aloe vera massage bath before collection, ( pre booking essential.)

Pets with specialist coats requiring clipping, trimming or professional grooming will be carried out by Superdogs. Pre booking will be required to enable this to be booked on your behalf, and will carry a separate invoice payable by cash or cheque. Sorry Superdogs do not accept cards.

All pets should have their collar removed before admittance, therefore collars are left on at owners risk.

It is recommended your pet is on an effective de flea programme, and has been treated recently by a vet with an effective de flea product prior to boarding, as many pets are developing an immunity to shop bought items. Spot on products should be applied to the animals skin between the back of the neck and shoulder blades. Product applied to the pet’s fur or coat will NOT provide immunity, the whole product MUST be applied to the skin only.

Please ensure your pets have been treated for parasites 7 to 14 days prior to boarding preferably by a vet, as fumigation and veterinary fees for infestation will be passed on to the owner. Example Stronghold for cats £15 plus £2 per day fumigation fees. In severe cases this may also incur a veterinary call out fee charges will be passed to the owner.

Should your pet need to be taken to the vet, a transportation fee of £40 will be charged plus 50p per mile 

We are happy to provide bedding for your pet, any items brought will be left at the owners risk. 

If additional bedding is brought for cats it will be placed alongside our specialist beds (which have heated pads and fleece). Though be warned! -It is not uncommon for pets to soil their own bedding

Please remind us on delivery if your cat is not used to a cat flap

On request we now have individual specialist low wattage electrically heated dog bed plates available at no extra charge. *Though please note, if your pet damages or destroys the Heated Plate they will be deemed sold to you at cost price.

Owners are welcome to accompany their pets to their accommodation, but do so at their own risk. We accept no responsibility for any accident or injury whilst on the premises.

We have a selection of toys available at no charge, you are welcome to choose if you wish, or you may bring your own from home, though please bring nothing of value in case it is lost, misplaced or damaged

We cannot guarantee the return of items left (-toys, bedding, leads, dishes etc)

Own food and treats should be clearly labelled with your pets name and feeding advise

Any medication should be clearly labelled with pets name and dosage instructions (on request, a medication form can be emailed for you to complete and bring with you)

No charge is made for the administration of medication, which will be administered as directed and to the best of our ability, though no risk to staff will be taken

Pets from the same household sharing accommodation will be separated if problems arise eg fighting or stress at the discretion of  the management, additional fees will apply

Dogs untrained, or excessively unruly on the lead may have restricted exercise due to duty of care to our employees

The Proprietor and staff should be advised prior to booking if any pet has behaviour issues.

We reserve the right to refuse boarding to any pet at the discretion of the management, due to aggressive behaviour or poor health or any other matter causing staff concern.

We request that elderly pets and pets on medication are checked over by their vet within 7 days prior to boarding, and the vet is notified that the pet is boarding with us

While pets boarded at Red House receive every care and attention, they are boarded entirely at the risk of the owner

On admission of your pet, we will ask you to complete a comprehensive tick list clarifying your pets health, care and any special wishes you may require

If you would like to write down any additional details about your pet we will be happy to take note 

Any animal not collected within 14 days agreed departure date will be dealt with at the discretion of the management, the owners will be liable for all costs incurred.

The management reserve the right to amend the above at any time.

Contents of this web site are copyright solely for the use of Red House

We genuinely love animals, and will do all we can to ensure your pet has a wonderful holiday

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