Weighing Up Options!

To make sure pets stay fit and trim, we have just invested in a set of Veterinary Standard Dog Weighing Scales.

The scales are available for use at any time within our open hours, and there is no charge, they are situated in the kennel reception area.

Pets weight can creep up (or down) without us noticing, we may be feeding too much or too little, the wrong food, or too many tit bits (?)

Myself, Beth, or another member of staff can assist with treats and gentle persuasion if your pets is scale shy. 

The posh new scales weigh up to an amazing 300lbs or 136 kg (thats over 21 Stones!) 

So (horror of horrors), pet parents could be weighed too! 

(and yes, you’re correct! There’s no charge!)

photo 4


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