Growing foals

Our foals are growing on well now.

Here is On n Up (Upsy). We took her to be graded with British Breeding Futurity and she scored 9.25/10 an amazing mark which put her at the top of the table throughout the country. There are several more gradings to be held, so we will just have to see if she can hold onto her lead.

IMG 2137

Pictured right, On a Dream (Spring) Upsy's mum,  is looking on.

 Upsy's nose is covered in garlic molasses lick which she has been devouring in the field. Yum!

IMG 2121

Here she is making friends with our donkey, who is a great companion.      

IMG 2126

    On Safari (Fari)  pictured left and below, is holding his own. 

He has extra feeds each day after being suddenly orphaned last month. His mum Tessie (On High) was our foundation brood mare. She had seven foals, and will be dearly missed by us all.

Fari is glad of his friends who have played and kept him from fretting too much. 

Unfortunately Fari has not been to the Gradings as his mum died just two days beforehand.

IMG 2133

More pictures of Callie (On Call) see right playing, later, as he is so inquisitive I only have photographs of his nose! 

Below is a clip from a magazine 

IMG 0286

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