Tagging Cygnets

IMG 2167

Our Cygnets are growing quickly, and are now almost at adult size.

Yorkshire Swan Rescue came earlier in the week to tag them. 

What a long day Dan, Luke and their team had, starting at 7.30am, with us at 7pm, and still with several more venues to visit.

All our cygnets turned out to be male. They will fly away in about 4 to 6 weeks to set up home in another area.

-Think they'll find it quite difficult to find anywhere like here, where they have bread and poultry mix on demand, and boy! Can they be demanding!

IMG 1948

Pam (mother swan) taps at the window when she wants her brood feeding. The new trick is, ignore me, and I will peck your car! Oh goodness me, that does make us move quickly, the scratches at swan height just go to prove we must put our running shoes on!

IMG 2163

After breakfast, lunch -and tea (!) they flip flap back down to the pond to annoy the ducks, and other wildlife.

Thank goodness no one mentioned elevenses, afternoon tea, and supper!

IMG 2148
IMG 2153

All tagged by 


and ready for off!

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