Swan Update

IMG 2254

The last of our 2012 swans has flow to pastures new, and within a couple of days, Pam, our resident Pen is now sitting on her nest again. 

At last count she had 5 eggs!

IMG 2832

Three of her last brood are now happily living on Heslington Lake, after having a temporary stay on a  river in York. 

The young swans are being observed carefully by Yorkshire Swan Rescue Hospital ( a local none profit making charity) who rescue hundreds of swans and occasionally other birds and wild animals throughout the year in all types of weather.

The swans living with us cannot fly, and would not be alive now but for Yorkshire Swan Rescue Hospital. Hundreds of swans are killed and injured  every year, flying into power lines, caught in fishing lines, and befalling other horrific fates.

At home, Jim (Cob) is patrolling the pond, so low and behold any intruders!

We supplement the swans natural diet with poultry corn which we feed in a bucket with water, and bread, which is mostly donated by The Highwayman Cafe on Malton Road so you can ALWAYS be sure of fresh bread there!

IMG 2687

Prior to Pam nest sitting, the family would come to the house for their meals, demanding to be fed morning noon and night!

They do not suffer fools gladly, and Lulu my daughter Jolyse's dog, likes to sneak up and steal their grub- no chance! 

...One day she'll learn! 

Ha ha !

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