Still busy

Well, the children are back at school, and my college and uni helpers are ready to return to their studies too.

Bookings are flying in for Christmas and the New Year, and next years diary is booking fast.

The phone is a hot line, though many people now prefer to book in via the web site, or send an email. 

Several regulars book by text and some send messages via our Facebook page.

Twitter seems a little slower off the mark, though I am sure it will catch on soon!

I do find email bookings so much easier, as I can reply at any hour, and don't have to break up from  looking after the animals to run to the diary. 

I can Guarantee the phone will ring when in the middle of bathing a dog, or half way through emptying a litter tray!

Lisa has just emailed to say she has settled well into her new home near Edinburgh, and is setting up her own business. 

Here is a link to her web site 


Beth (who hates having her photo taken) is now in charge Monday to Friday many of you will know Beth, as she has helped here for several years whilst studying for her degree in Animal Care at Askham Bryan College, I know she is a firm favourite with clients as well as the pets!

IMG 1937

All the girls now have smart new clothing, which has their names on.

IMG 1976

Modelled by

Shelby on the left

Lucy to the right

IMG 1977

I now need to sit and create a logo when I have chance, which I hope will figure in an idea I have for Christmas - Watch this space!

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