South Africa and Daktari

In November 2010 some friends and I went on a Horse Riding Safari to South Africa.

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We had an amazing time, exploring the wild bush of South Africa tracking elephants, coming up close to giraffe, crocodiles, and many other animals ( I won't mention the huge dung beetles!)

One night we slept out under the stars by camp fire. 

Would you believe three inquisitive young lions visited the camp in the early hours of the morning, and came by the pony lines, and within three metres of the horse I was riding! (Yes, the one in the pic. With the white patchy bum!). Luckily he wasn't too hungry, and he was successfully scared away.

I can blog more pictures of animals we saw, and our experiences, if anyone is interested, just let me know!

One day, from base camp, we visited a wildlife orphanage and bush school called Daktari ( not related to the TV program years ago). 

They do an amazing job, rearing orphan and injured animals, and teaching children and young people ( mainly from under privileged areas in Johannesburg) about animals and conservation.

I have attached a newsletter which I have just received, perhaps you will find it as interesting as I do?

Win an extraordinary 3 weeks volunteering at 3 different organizations + 2 nights in a luxurious game lodge

We hereby kick-off the great Christmas-fundraising contest!!!

Win 3 weeks of free volunteering! One at DAKTARI Bush School & Wildlife Orphanage, one with our local Wildlife veterinarian Dr. Peter Rogers, and one at Tshukudu Game Lodge, as well as 2 nights at the luxurious big 5 Sausage Tree Safari Camp in the Greater Kruger National Park.

The contest works as follows:

Whoever raises the most funds (minimum 1500euro) for DAKTARI wins this incredible prize!!

Any type of fundraising is allowed. Throw a party at your mums house, ask Santa Claus for donations instead of presents, sell hot dogs by your school, bake cookies, the options are endless! Remember, the crazier the event you throw, the more people you'll attract and the more money you'll get ;)

For more information please visit our Alvarum-page.


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