Someone Likes the Rain!

IMG 1835

The four cygnets residing on our pond are growing fast. They are now bigger than the mallards, and chat to each other constantly, with little chirrupy noises.

We feed them every day with poultry corn in a bucket of water.

IMG 1883

Karen and Tony of  The Highwayman Cafe send a regular supply of bread for the swans and wild ducks   (-so you can always be sure of fresh baked bread there!)

The cygnets parents are nicknamed Jim and Pam. They were re homed with us after being rehabilitated by Yorkshire Swan Rescue Hospital. 

IMG 1803

Every day they take their family out for a walk. Sometimes down the fields, where they explore the terrain and fresh rain puddles (- it's good someone likes all this wet!)

IMG 1926

Other times they come up to the house, but goodness me, do they rule the roost! They demand to be fed, boss everyone around, and then, when they are ready, thud back down to the pond in a swan conga!

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