Rescue Kittens

IMG 2902

These kittens are lucky to be alive, found in a scrap caravan which was just about to be crushed. Fortunately the workmen checked it out just before it was flattened. Inside they found three kittens, two huddled in a frying pan (!) the other close by. 

They are very young, about 2 ½ weeks old, with pretty blue eyes just barely open.

Mum was nowhere to be seen.

They arrived in a cardboard box, covered in black greasy oil, and looked totally bewildered.

IMG 2906

I raided my vet cupboard for suitable shampoo and eye wash, First job was to bathe the black oily grease from their coats, bathe their eyes, and give a once over.

On closer inspection one had a broken toe, but other than that they are in very good condition.

Just to be sure I made an appointment at Tower Vets Dunnington, who kindly fitted us in within the hour.

I was assured that all was well with the brood, 2 lucky boys, and one girl, and was supplied with a supply of cat milk to feed them every 4 hours.

More updates on their progress soon.

These kittens will be looking for new homes. Why now call and see them?

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