Rain and Swans

Thursday, yet even more rain! The animals all seem to think its our fault!

Did someone go dancing to the rain gods?

Can't believe there is still a hosepipe ban? We have acres of land under water, some paddocks look like lakes.

IMG 1553

The swans who reside on our pond are sitting tight with their nest of 6 eggs. 

'Jim' (the cob / male swan) patrols the pond, and the paddock it is situated in, chasing away humans and animals alike. 'Pam' (the pen) is sitting on the nest nurturing her eggs, the first of which was laid on Good Friday- a real Easter Egg!

Both swans were initially saved by Yorkshire Swan Rescue Hospital, a registered charity, which relies totally on donations from the public. They were both rehabilitated by them  at their hospital before coming to live here at Red House.

Jim and Pam are both unable to fly, and are therefore more vulnerable to predators and further injury. Although they are wild, we offer them a more secure home, and feed them daily.

Pam and 6 Eggs

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