Look North!


Jolyse my daughter had a busy afternoon occupying the BBC Look North team recently, who were filming in preparation for Bramham Horse Trials next week. 

Jolyse is competing this year with our home bred mare On Springs (Known as Clover to her friends)

It's been all systems go doing fitting work, and run up competitions, to prepare for this fantastic event. 

Their last outing was on Sunday at Bishop Burton Horse Trials, where they did a beautiful dressage test, and  steady double clear to be claim 7th place.

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Bramham is a Three Star event, and runs over several days, starting Wednesday 6th June until Sunday 10th, and is a Fantastic day out for everyone. 

Lots of trade stands selling everything you could think of.

Show Jumping up to Grand Prix level, Pony Club games, Show Horses both ridden and young stock in hand.

Eventing takes part in three phases.

Firstly the dressage ( Picture above) which is similar to ballet. It takes place in an arena 20 metres by 60 metres.

The movements are set and each movement is marked out of 10.

The partnership should work in harmony together, showing accuracy, balance and elegance. Tension can be heavily penalised. 

Bramham has electronic scoreboards, and headphones,  to enable spectators to hear comments, and see scores in real time.

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The Cross country (see above and right) is on another day. 

This test is over a set distance of several thousand metres, with up to 40 obstacles, water, ditches, banks and uneven terrain. This has to be completed at speed, and tests stamina, bravery and control of accuracy over large unforgiving fences. 

Exceeding the time limit incurs penalties

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Depending on whether a CCI or CIC Class, the Show Jumping section (above) is either the last phase or the middle phase of the competition.

It consists of a course of 12 to 15 jumps  approximately 1.35metres high (approx 4'5") and takes place in an arena 

This proves how accurate, supple and careful the partnership are.

Good Luck Jolyse and On Springs!!

Click on the link below to see the Look North Broadcast


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