Floods in the Village

Visitors to the Red House are having to take a de tour due to the village pond bursting its banks, and flooding across Moor Lane.

Police closed the road after incessant rain in the York and surrounding areas caused unprecidented flooding which has never happened in living memory in our village.

The flood water is up to 24" deep, which the mallards think is great, but it's not fantastic for the carburettor!

We believe the water has now reached its highest point, and fortunately no homes are affected.

I nipped down to the village on 29th November and took a couple of snaps. Though by this point the water was already (fortunately) receding.

IMG 2362

Don't worry about the pets here. Although the fields are very wet, all the pets are cosy warm and dry, and can't understand what all the fuss is about!

IMG 2369

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