Jim and Pam, our resident swans are now proud parents of 4 bouncing baby cygnets,  Hatched on Monday 21st May.

After 6 weeks of sitting on the nest, rain hail or shine -or floods! Pam who was re homed here a year ago from Yorkshire Swan Rescue Hospital ( see below) hatched her clutch of eggs.

IMG 1709

Jim, re homed here in 2009 is the very proud father. Neither Jim nor Pam can fly, therefore a secure environment where they could be more safe from predators was important . We are very proud to offer them a safe haven, and thank Yorkshire swan rescue hospital for all the help and support they have given.

Image 3

The Highwayman Cafe on Malton Road kindly send bread buns for the swans on a regular basis, we store them in the freezer to keep them fresh. The bread buns ring the changes from their usual diet of poultry corn.

IMG 1368

Here the cygnets are already picking at crumbs

Soon, Dan and Christine from Yorkshire Swan Rescue will visit, and ring the Cygnets so they can be identified as they grow up.

IMG 1366

Please look up this wonderful Charity, they are entirely self funded, and work tirelessly to re habilitate and rescue sick and injured swans. They incur huge vet bills, and transport costs, and have no help from the larger more popular animal charities. Click here to be directed to Yorkshire Swan Rescue Hospital

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