Catch Up- and Cheryl

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Well, it may be pretty, but I think we are all really tired now of all this cold weather!

All the pets are warm and cosy, as the heating here is on 24/7

I will have to do a bit of blog back tracking over the next few days. My web account apparently had a huge 'hit' in January, and its stopped me uploading data, so here we go again. . .

Kirsty, a very good friend, adopted Cheryl when she was born here. Unfortunately this much loved pet is now needing a new home. Please read below.



It is with huge regret and a very heavy heart that I am looking to rehome my beautiful tabby cat “Cheryl”.

Cheryl is 4 years old and has lived with us from 6 weeks old and is certainly a character.  She is mostly an indoor cat, but goes out every day for a few hours and occasionally overnight.  I do have a litter tray in the house but she normally asks to be let outside instead of using it.  She is very loving and loves human contact and follows me around the house all day but can be a bit grumpy at times, especially when the nasty vet wants to put jabs in her! 

We are sadly looking to rehome her as she is not very good with children and we have a 1 year old who is constantly hassling her and wants to play.  She really doesn’t want to play!!

Cheryl would best suit a home with a family with no children who will let her roam freely and treat her like the little princess she is! 

For more information or for a chat, please either email me at or call on 07825 201201.

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