Bonnie Scotland

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Many of you will have met the lovely Lisa, who has worked here for the last few months.

Unfortunately, life moves on her "perfect job" has come to an end, and she has upped sticks to live in Scotland just last weekend, to follow her partner with his job promotion,

Lisa had worked in several kennels in Cheshire prior to helping me. That together with her degree, meant had quite a lot of experience.

Good luck for the future Lisa, from all of us at Red House!

Here's an email she has just sent


Hi Alyse 

Just a quick email to say that we are moved and nearly unpacked and Dunfermline is a beautiful place :-) 
The picture below is the local park here, it is huge, I walked Sparkle for 2 hours last night and never walked the same path twice! 
I said that I would let you know how I get on with the move :-) 
Thank you again for letting me work with you, truly refreshing to know there are good kennels :-) 
Sent from Lisa and Sparkle, loving life in Scotland :-)

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