Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I use Red House over home boarding?

Home boarding cannot offer the same standard of hygiene set out for our licensed kennels. Therefore there is more risk. Flea larvae and pupa can remain in the environment until a suitable host is detected, and parvovirus can stay viable for up to 6 months. Only the most sparse and clinical home environment could be suitable. Great risk of escape through open doors and windows, digging out of gardens and slipping leads.  If the dog is taken in the car, will it be left to overheat whilst the ‘carer' goes into shops? Exercise for a home boarder is likely to be in a back garden; impossible to clean to discourage the risk of contagion. More risk of attack from other dogs if exercised in public areas. More chance of dog theft. Also, if the carer was taken ill, what would happen to your pet?

When it comes to boarding your pet, we have a wealth of experience and expertise, always having your pets’ welfare at heart which is why we board pets on such a small scale. We are on site 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Can we call to view?

Yes, an appointment is not necessary, just call any time within our open hours to view

What are your open hours?

8am to 12 Noon, Monday to Friday

9am to 2pm Saturdays

Do you open on Sundays and Bank Holidays?

We are CLOSED SUNDAYS and BANK HOLIDAYS (and Christmas Eve)

Are you open over Christmas?

Yes, Click here for details

What do you feed?

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My pet is not fully vaccinated, can I still board with you?

All Dogs and Cats boarding with us must be fully Vaccinated or have been recently titer tested for immunity with a valid Certificate Signed by a Veterinarian or registered testing lab.

Does my dog need the Kennel Cough Vaccine?

Bordetella (commonly known as Kennel Cough) is a very common and highly contagious upper respiratory tract infection affecting dogs (and occasionally cats). It is most prevalent in the summer months and is very easily passed on when large groups of dogs share a mixed air space, and public places.

Symptoms are  sore throat and cough which in most dogs is self-limiting and will resolve without treatment. If the coughing is severe then a course of antibiotics may be required.

A vaccine is available against kennel cough which will reduce the chances of your dog catching the disease.

This vaccine is in addition to your dog's regular booster injections. It is not compulsory to have the kennel cough vaccine in order to board with us, but if you wish to consider the kennel cough vaccination please speak to your vet.  

We would need 21 clear days between having the K/C Vaccine and boarding with us. 

Do you accept very young pets, and very elderly pets?

As long as your pet is fully vaccinated, we can accept young healthy pets, and elderly pets also. 

It is recommended that your very elderly pet is checked over by a Vet within 7 days of boarding with us, to confirm your pet is healthy enough to stay away from home. 

We have had 23 year old cats, and 19 year old dogs have happy and contented holidays here!

Do you accept pets on Medication?

We do accept pets on Medication just let us know at the time of booking so we can discuss the administration of any medication in depth.

What happens if my pet needs the vet?

If your vet is local, we will take your pet to your own vet, or have your vet call. We also have excellent local vets we use on the rare occasions they are needed.

Can I board my dog if she is in season? 

We can take bitches in season, and have special facilities to house your pet where she will be comfortable, she can be exercised alone, and will be very safe.

My cat doesn’t like dogs, would my cat be able to see the dogs?

Perfect Paradise is not in sight of Pooches Paradise

My dog doesn’t like other dogs, is this a problem?

As long as your dog is not aggressive towards people this is not a problem, we can exercise your pet on it’s own. 

All bedrooms and patios are quite private, though still spacious, light and airy.

How much do you charge for boarding dogs? 

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How much do you charge for boarding cats? 

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Where are you?

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Can I see pictures of my pet while I am away?

Pictures of your pet can be forwarded by Email or Face Book. We understand it’s difficult to spend any period of time away from your pets, our social media service is proving increasingly popular with our customers!



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